The 100000 ton BDO project of yinglide will be sta

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The 100000 ton BDO project of INET will start construction within the year

according to the announcement of Guodian INET energy and Chemical Group Co., Ltd., the company will invest in the construction of Ningdong Industrial Park chemical project. It is proposed to be constructed in two phases: the first phase of the project is divided into two batches. The first batch of projects will be constructed in years, and the second batch of projects is planned to be constructed in years. The first batch of chemical projects: 1.2 million tons/year methanol, 300000 tons/year acetic acid, 300000 tons/year vinyl acetate, 300000 tons/year acetylene, 100000 tons/year BDO and other five coal-based polygeneration projects with equal distances, with a total investment of about 15.87 billion yuan

those with high recording efficiency learned from INET that the company's 100000 ton BDO project will start construction within the year and is expected to be put into production by the end of September 2012

the relevant person in charge said that the company plans to continue to extend the BDO production chain to the downstream and produce 15000 tons of GBL and 46000 tons of PTMEG in July 2015. After the unit was put into operation, only about 20000 tons of BDO surplus was put into the market

he also said that the company plans to build a BDO project with a total capacity of 200000 tons, or other downstream product devices supporting the second phase of the 100000 ton BDO project, such as PBT, according to market conditions

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