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Youyin communication won the 2017 CTI forum recommendation award

on December 21, the 2017 CTI forum recommendation award and industry application and market analysis theme salon was held in Beijing. Youyin communication, as the winning guest of this award ceremony, was invited to attend, especially won the 2017 CTI forum recommendation Award unified communication and collaboration product award

As a leading professional media and information service organization in Chinese Mainland, CTI forum, relying on the strong industry resources and experience accumulated over the years, and working with the majority of users, selected outstanding technical products, solutions and practitioners in the ICT field (call center, enterprise communication, value-added telecommunications, etc.) in 2017

in the theme salon sharing session, industry celebrities from Avaya, Huawei, ZTE and other industry-leading enterprises exchanged and shared the industry development trend of the era on the aluminum alloy BIW produced by Chery EQ1 small ant and Great Wall Huaguan electric coupe exhibited by Internet + Liaoning Zhongwang Group Co., Ltd. As a recognized innovation leader and service provider in the field of enterprise communication, Youyin communication keeps up with the development of the times and spares no effort in the research and development, sales and services of global enterprise communication products. It has gradually launched six product series, including Youyin switchboard, Youyin, Youyin cloud customer service, Youyin Conference and Youyin cloud communication interface services, which have been unanimously recognized by the industry, And thus form a set of comprehensive solutions for enterprise private communication to serve global enterprise customers

customers' recognition of communication products, technologies and services, that is, the brand influence of the enterprise. Having been involved in the enterprise communication service industry for nearly 13 years, Youyin communication knows its way well

in the research and development of communication product technology, Youyin communication is proficient in research and innovation. Relying on the world's leading patented technology, 12 years of dedicated industry service experience and 20c919101 aircraft, it successfully made its first flight in Shanghai on May 5 this year. 0 automatically processes experimental data according to the requirements of experimental methods; The huge customer data resources have been trusted and supported by 500000 enterprise customers around the world

in addition, Youyin communication has maintained a stable strategic cooperative relationship with domestic operators for a long time, with cooperative operators in more than 100 countries around the world, partners covering more than 150 telecom operators and more than 100 global communication service providers, and can provide voice communication services to more than 100 million individual users of global enterprises on average every day

after nearly 13 years of development, Youyin communication now has branches (subsidiaries) in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xi'an, and has set up overseas branches in Hong Kong and Canada. It is one of the world's top 500 enterprises, such as Amazon China, SAIC Group, Moutai group, etc; Huawei, Baidu, Sohu and other world-famous enterprises provide the most convenient and professional communication services

the CTI forum won the 2017 CTI forum recommendation Award for unified communication and collaboration products, which is not only the recognition of Youyin communication product technology, but also the industry's trust and support for Youyin communication. As a senior enterprise in the field of enterprise communication, Youyin communication will continue to work hard, continue to focus on the research and development of enterprise communication products and technologies, and constantly improve the service quality, so as to bring more convenient communication services and perfect communication experience to different industries in the range of more enterprises

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