The hottest ysi3030m portable conductivity meter

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YSI 30/30m portable conductivity meter

● accurate, firm, durable, waterproof

13, overall dimension: about 1170*750*2260

● ergonomic design: portable operation, shoulder or waist suspension; Built in probe storage room, easy to carry

● complete system: conductivity and temperature probes have been pre connected (1) the hydraulic universal material testing machine should be installed in a clean, dry, vibration free room with room temperature controlled at (10 ~ 35) ℃, and a variety of cable lengths are available for selection

● four pure nickel electrode probe: high accuracy, small maintenance, no platinum plating

● no calibration: the instrument has been pre calibrated before leaving the factory, Start up to read

● automatic range selection: ensure that any high and low readings are consistent and accurate, eliminating the pain of round-trip transfer

● automatic temperature compensation: you can choose to display the conductivity coefficient, and the reference temperature and temperature compensation coefficient can be adjusted as needed

● extra large LCD screen: there is also a background lighting function, Even in a dark environment, it can still read clearly

● stress relief cable joint: reduce the materials at the connection. Our company Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has been walking in front of the testing industry of laboratory machines for many years. Shapeways said that it is fatigue, effectively extending the service life of the cable

● solid waterproof shell: suitable for the severe environment in the field, and the instrument can float automatically even if it falls into the water; The probe is equipped with a stainless steel sleeve, which is durable and easier to sink into the water

● full battery operation: the working life is up to 100 hours (alkaline battery); In addition, the low-power display YSI 30 salinity, conductivity and temperature measuring instrument

● without memory

● three cable lengths of 3 meters, 7.5 meters and 15 meters are available for selection; YSI 30m salinity, conductivity and temperature measuring instrument

● with memory, which can store 50 groups of data

● using non-volatile memory, the reading will not be lost due to power failure

● with 3 meters, 7.5 meters Four cable lengths of 15 meters and 30 meters are available

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