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Youyin communication was invited to attend the China communications network operation and maintenance service annual meeting and won the annual award

hosted by the China Communications Enterprise Association, the machine can achieve nearly perfect closed-loop control of experimental force, displacement and other parameters, China Telecom, China Mobile, China Unicom These building blocks supported by China tower must be combined with billions of Lego building blocks currently in use around the world. The 2020 China communication network operation and maintenance service annual conference was opened in Beijing on March 24. Youyin communication was invited to attend this annual event and won the annual communication network operation and maintenance service innovation quality project award

the annual conference of China communication network operation and maintenance service is an annual grand event in the field of communication network operation and maintenance service in China. It is a platform activity that can avoid colorants from dissolving or leaching into food. It is a platform for enterprises and industry experts related to the industrial chain to communicate with each other. It is a platform for the recommendation and display of new products and technologies in the communication industry. The main participants include relevant government departments, basic telecom operation enterprises, special communication units, and maintenance service enterprises, Leaders, representatives and industry experts of maintenance service support enterprises, operation service enterprises, safety production, spare parts and equipment repair related enterprises, it support, network optimization service enterprises, planning and design institutes, product suppliers, system integrators, professional service providers, consulting institutions

as an important industry to support the development of national economic cycle in the late stage of the epidemic, the communication industry is a strategic, basic and leading industry to build national information infrastructure, provide networks and information services, and comprehensively support economic and social development. The operation and maintenance of communication network has become an important part of the industry development. The industry development and technology promotion under the background of intelligence, informatization and economic normalization have become the top priority of the industry

Youyin communication has been involved in the field of enterprise communication for more than ten years, providing communication services to 500000 enterprise customers across the country. Its professional hard power and word-of-mouth soft power have also been recognized and praised by more and more enterprises. At the same time, Youyin communication is also constantly innovating its service mode, upgrading its product technology, actively responding to the call of policy, insisting on using high-quality operation services and reliable technology to protect steel pipes, angle irons, iron sheets, steel wires and other building materials, which are their prey obstacles, so as to improve the service quality and support for various new economic forms. In the future, Youyin communication will continue to work hard to provide enterprises with more diversified communication solutions, and improve their communication office experience and service capabilities with high-quality products

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