The hottest yu'ebao encounters a trust crisis, and

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Yu'e Bao encountered a crisis of trust, Lingyun intelligent customer service may be pulled out of the golden coin

Jie Tong Hua Sheng Lingyun intelligent voice

Jie Tong Hua Sheng Lingyun intelligent customer service

editor's note: the situation of bat killing three countries has always existed, among which Alibaba's yu'e Bao caused a lot of smoke once it was launched, and then was sniped by CCTV commentators, state-owned banks and other aspects; Maybe there are many people who are popular. Recently, the customer service of yu'e Bao has been inexplicably hacked, resulting in 360000 aunt Lin'an being cheated. For a time, because of the trust crack, the manual customer service of yu'e Bao is no longer so easy

yu'e Bao has been launched less than a year, and now it has exceeded 400billion in scale and is growing rapidly, and its scale effect is surpassing the halo of innovation. However, there are many people's rights and wrongs, and yu'e Bao's large amount of money has undoubtedly disturbed the meals of state-owned banks. In recent days, it has been boycotted by major state-owned banks. During the two sessions, the central bank zhouxiaochuan has made it clear that the country will not ban yu'e Bao, but the coordinated development is unstoppable. One wave is not smooth, and another wave rises, Recently, baidu entry artificial customers were inexplicably changed, resulting in the 360000 investment of Lin'an aunt being hacked. Ma Yun's sentence became simple and instantly heavy because of trust

the reason is that the manual customer service of Tianhong fund, the backstage steward of yu'e Bao, needs to be improved. Although yunxiaoer's customer assistance plan has been launched, it is difficult to ensure that the trust crisis will occur again, so it is not a long-term solution

Wang Gang, a financial analyst, believes that Tianhong fund has increased too fast with yu'e Bao, and the risk index will inevitably increase. The supervision and hardware of customer service need to be improved. He suggests that Tianhong fund should refer to the typical cases of successful application of intelligent customer service system by fund companies such as ICBC Credit Suisse and GF fund, and strive to create a new intelligent customer service system to improve the customer experience, so as to achieve the effect of pulling out the gold in four Liang and make up for the trust gap, Promote investment

and Jietong Huasheng, a technical service provider that has been providing intelligent customer service solutions for major banks and established fund companies, also said that Lingyun intelligent customer service system adopts a new natural language understanding engine, which gradually turns the semantic analysis, related problem recommendation, multiple rounds of dialogue, graphic message LED lighting provided by the engine into a new trend of residential lighting and commercial lighting Lbs location-based services and other functions, the formulation of energy and environment development strategy, are better applied to the human-computer interaction between users and intelligent customer service platforms of banks and fund companies, so as to realize the intelligent dialogue between the service platform and users. At any time and at any place, the scope of serving users can be expanded from multiple angles through a variety of devices. The pollution of plastic granulators to the environment is also quite serious, which promotes all-round communication, Make up for the lack of manual customer service, so as to avoid risks

because Jietong Huasheng adopts the loose coupling of multiple modules and the loose coupling deployment of natural language understanding engine and knowledge base, Lingyun intelligent customer service system can meet the multi legal person mechanism, that is, a set of intelligent customer service system can meet the needs of multiple robots, and multiple accounts can be reused efficiently, which can not only isolate users but also isolate data. The knowledge operation and maintenance is also very simple. The statistical method and principle do not need cumbersome templates. The operation and maintenance personnel can freely add and change questions and answers at any time, which takes effect synchronously, and is simple and convenient to use. Without increasing the strength of the customer service center, Lingyun intelligent customer service system helps the customer service center enhance the strength of service several times, and can be continuously expanded according to the continuous enhancement of user needs, so as to save money, worry and effort

Jietong Huasheng hope to join hands with Alibaba Mayun, give full play to the advantages of Lingyun intelligent customer service system, support Tianhong fund to build a more perfect intelligent customer service platform, and escort the vigorous development of yu'e Bao

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