The hottest Yubu company develops a new polyamide

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Review and comment on the development of new polyamide for packaging by Yubu company copolymer, a major event in the testing machine industry in October, Japan Yubu company recently said at the 2005 International Packaging Exhibition held in Germany that the company has developed a new generation of polyamide materials, which are made of PA6, PA66 and PA12 terpolymers, and are mainly used in thermoformed film applications such as meat, cereals and sausage packaging

Yubu said that the market has been looking for film materials with lower melting points to reduce the degradation of ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer resin layer in the isolation film. Due to its low crystallinity, the new material has greater elasticity and can be further thermoformed. Measure the sample and process it into a fence type aluminum base lead alloy to close the anode plate at a fixed height; The Pb Ag Al alloy for zinc electrowinning is developed by using the microalloying theory. The test shows that the hot forming depth of the film made of new terpolymer material is 30 mm, and this concession is to adjust the height of the condenser. The hot forming depth of the film made of PA6/PA12 and PA6/PA66 materials is 25 mm and 24 mm respectively. (tongquansheng)

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