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Yuchai and Zhejiang yinlun launched a corporate culture exchange salon activity

Yuchai and Zhejiang yinlun launched a corporate culture exchange salon activity

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in order to strengthen the cultural integration and exchange with suppliers, Yuchai shares and Zhejiang yinlun launched a corporate culture salon activity in Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province on October 24

the launch ceremony was held with the theme of "cultural integration · win-win future". Liu Debao, vice president of Yuchai supplier Federation, and others attended the meeting. Yinlun company hopes to cooperate with chaizhonghua, deputy general manager of Jilin plastic ban order department to preside over the meeting. Xuxiaomin, chairman of yinlun company, and hexiaoyu, deputy director of the Party Committee Work Department of Yuchai, delivered speeches respectively

Yuchai and Zhejiang yinlun carry out corporate culture exchanges

How can customers and suppliers learn from each other, integrate the cultures of both sides, and win-win the future? As two enterprises with similarities in development and strengths in corporate culture construction, yinlun and Yuchai have conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on improving the service life and reliability of the whole machine in terms of corporate culture construction. During the event, Yuchai Co., Ltd. and yinlun company jointly signed the letter of commitment to "bravely assume the society and be an excellent corporate citizen", and jointly made eight commitments to the society: first, abide by laws and regulations and advocate socially recognized business ethics and code of conduct; Second, actively protect natural resources and ecological environment, develop environment-friendly technologies, and produce green products; Third, promote technological innovation, implement circular economy, and become a pioneer enterprise in energy conservation and emission reduction; Fourth, be highly responsible for product quality and service quality, be honest and trustworthy, and be worthy of the society; Fifth, comprehensively improve the core competitiveness of services and maximize the use value of users; Sixth, respect and care for employees, safeguard their legitimate rights and interests, and ensure their production safety; Seventh, actively support charity projects, participate in public welfare activities, and participate in community construction; Eighth, help each other, work together, build a harmonious industrial chain, and achieve win-win results

Yuchai and Zhejiang yinlun carry out enterprise culture exchange

yinlun company is a leading enterprise in China's auto parts radiator industry. Otherwise, it will cause machine damage. With the enterprise vision of "becoming a world excellent enterprise providing efficient heat exchange solutions and related products", it pays attention to the construction of independent research and development capacity and the sharing of upstream and downstream resources. Its "four internationalization" orientation makes yinlun company develop rapidly. The top three stand out

Yuchai is a national demonstration base for corporate culture construction. The green value system that Yuchai is building is an important support for the transformation and upgrading of Yuchai's "secondary entrepreneurship", and it is also the basic pillar of the international development of enterprises. Through the development of green industries, promote green operations, advocate green life, work together to create green Yuchai and create "green value"

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