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Yuchai and Xichai jointly promote the development of China's internal combustion engine industry

Yuchai and Xichai jointly promote the development of China's internal combustion engine industry

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on May 23, 2018, Yanping, chairman of Yuchai Co., Ltd., led a senior management team to visit Xichai and exchanged views with Qian Hengrong, Secretary of the Party committee and general manager of FAW Jiefang engine division. The sincere dialogue between two excellent internal combustion engine enterprises in China attracted wide attention from all walks of life at that time

only one month later, on June 25, 2018, Qian Hengrong led the management of Xichai's R & D, production, sales, management and other lines to pay a return visit to Yuchai. Yanping, chairman of Yuchai Co., Ltd., received Qian Hengrong and his delegation. The two sides had further exchanges on Yuchai's marketing, national six product planning, international cooperation and other aspects

Qian Hengrong and his delegation visited Yuchai test center, rapid manufacturing base, casting center and ship electric power business department, and listened to Yuchai's introduction on the rise of ship electric power business, the application of new product rapid manufacturing technology, and the national six year R & D plan

the rise of the marine electric power market

after years of efforts, Yuchai engine products cover the fields of micro, light, medium and heavy engines, as well as high-speed, medium speed and low-speed engines. It is an engine manufacturing enterprise with the widest product range and the largest variety in the domestic engine field. Especially in the field of high-power marine electric power, Yuchai started from scratch to catch up with the industry benchmark, breaking the monopoly of China's 800~2000 horsepower marine engines by international industrial giants, and the market share of marine engines above 16 liters rose to the first in the industry

Yuchai can achieve such achievements mainly because it focuses on product research and development and product quality. Yuchai has successively launched new V-type high-power diesel engines, such as yc12vc, yc16vc, yc20vc, etc. it is the only enterprise in China that has successfully developed and launched V-type engines with multiple power segments. The fuel economy of Yuchai ship's electric power is far better than that of its peers. Products in the range of 800~1000 horsepower can save an average of half a ton of oil in a day

now in the inland river and the whole Xisha sea, most ships are equipped with Yuchai machines

3d printing fast manufacturing technology

Yuchai fast manufacturing base is currently the largest, most equipped, most functional, best technology, most talented and most advanced diesel engine fast manufacturing base in China. The base has more than 20 sets of key digital forming equipment and 3D printing equipment, among which the 10 meter gantry die-free precision forming machine is the only one in China and the largest machine in the world

Yuchai has mature 3D printing technology

mature 3D printing technology is a loud business card of the rapid manufacturing base, and the application of this technology can make a sand mold of more than 10 meters at most. Sand molds that used to take half a year to make molds can now be completed in a week

based on this technology and equipment, Yuchai's "key technology and equipment of large-scale digital dieless casting precision forming" project is a major national science and technology project. Up to now, the company has developed more than 200 new products using digital forming technology and equipment

the new national six engine

Yuchai national six products are all new planning and development, including almost all the world's famous parts suppliers. The new products are world-class in technology with the increase of experimental power. After the first launch of the national six engine, it also marks that Yuchai has achieved domestic leadership from national one to national six

the successful research and development of Yuchai's national six products is a typical example of the full launch of China's internal combustion engine industry to catch up with and lead the world's most advanced level of industrial energy conservation and green development standardization action plan, which has completely changed the situation of China's internal combustion engine industry followers

Yuchai guoliu products have been launched in January 2018

Qian Hengrong praised Yuchai's advantages in R & D capability, casting process and manufacturing technology, and believed that Yuchai's breakthrough in the field of marine electric power, the introduction and application of intelligent manufacturing, new energy research, and the reasonable planning of national six series products are worthy of industry reference and reference

Yan Ping said in the exchange that cooperation in competition and competition in cooperation are interdependent. Yuchai hopes to continue to strengthen exchanges with excellent enterprises in the industry such as Xichai, explore deep-seated cooperation paths in multiple fields, and jointly promote the overall progress and development of China's internal combustion engine industry

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