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Yuchai took part in the 2013 Beijing Road Transport Exhibition with its environmentally friendly engine

Yuchai took part in the 2013 Beijing Road Transport Construction Alliance interest community exhibition

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Guide: on May, Yuchai took part in the 2013 Beijing international road transport, urban bus vehicles and parts exhibition with seven environmentally friendly and energy-saving engines

on May 22, through the afterburner -24, Yuchai took part in the "2013 Beijing international road transport, urban public transport vehicles and parts exhibition" with 7 environmentally friendly and energy-saving engines. With the theme of "safe development and low-carbon development", this exhibition comprehensively displays the latest technologies and equipment in road transport, urban public transport vehicles, school buses and parts. Yuchai's participating models include two large national 4 passenger cars with upgraded power (yc6mk and yc6l), two national 5 natural gas engines (yc6mkn and yc6ln), one school bus special power (yc6j), one hybrid generation 2 system, and the latest 3.8-liter yc4s engine launched in 2013, mainly for the medium and high-end commercial standby vehicle market. Among them, yc6mk-40 won the "China road transport Cup" 2013 best bus parts Award for its excellent power, energy saving and reliability

guests visited the yc6mk exhibition in Yuchai

on the 22nd day, the "reception room" jointly launched by the media such as China Communications News, bus news, China industry news, transportation manager world, etc. invited some leaders of competent government departments, experts of industry associations, and representatives of participating enterprises to interview. Huang Yi, Secretary of the general marketing Party branch of Yuchai Co., Ltd. and deputy general manager of the sales company, was invited to the "reception room" to have an in-depth exchange with the media on Yuchai's participation, enterprise development strategy, research and judgment on industry trends and other topics

with regard to the question "guo4l also because of the control level emission of rainwater runoff, which means a challenge or an opportunity for enterprises", which was most concerned by the media that day, Huang Yi replied that the emission upgrading means that the engine quality is further improved, and puts forward higher requirements for the product planning, technology research and development, production and procurement, and after-sales service of engine enterprises. Engine enterprises will face the rising cost pressure caused by emission upgrading, emission consistency and emission law enforcement. Yuchai has always been ahead of its domestic counterparts in the research and development of low emission technology, and closely followed the pace of international cutting-edge internal combustion engine technology. For Yuchai, which is highly concerned and praised by the international internal combustion engine industry, the emission upgrading of country 4 is a very good opportunity

in order to comprehensively meet the emission upgrading of country 4, Yuchai mainly made preparations in two aspects. One is products. On December 27 last year, Yuchai launched seven national 5 natural gas engines and five national 4 diesel engines at one time, further enriching the emission standard product series. At present, Yuchai has fully covered the announcement of major models of diesel and gas engines. Second, in terms of service, Yuchai took precautions and strengthened the construction of electronic control service guarantee system according to the entry of products. Today, Yuchai has more than 1200 electronic control service stations, forming a relatively comprehensive electronic control service guarantee system

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