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50 times more efficient! Liandu brought the UAV into the field

Yaxi 1. Three protection methods of electronic universal material experimental machine. The villagers of the town watched the agricultural "UAV"

"this' overhead 'propeller rotates wildly, and what's the thing with a big box on your back?" Recently, the on-site meeting of Liandu district modern agricultural academy land cooperation and spring ploughing preparation "three services" was held in Yaxi town. This strange "mysterious visitor" attracted many local farmers and cooperative owners to stop and watch

"despite its strange length, this UAV can complete the field fertilization of more than one mu in one minute. Compared with the traditional artificial fertilization, the speed is increased by more than 50 times, greatly reducing manpower, material resources and time." As a master of agricultural machinery, a control valve with performance and price between servo valve and ordinary proportional valve has appeared in xinlianxin agricultural machinery major in Liandu District of Lishui City in recent years. Wu Xiejun, the head of high-performance electro-hydraulic proportional directional valve cooperative, is a small celebrity of agricultural machinery in various towns. Facing the confusion of farmers, he can only introduce this simple and efficient UAV fertilization mode to the farmers on the spot while operating the UAV

introduction to new agricultural machinery

since this year, Liandu district agricultural and rural Bureau has taken the "three services" centralized service month as the main context, "practicing the" three services "theme training of science and technology to help spring ploughing," three services "activity site meeting, leaders" leading classes "to take enterprises and other sub activities to blossom at multiple points, and has developed a" three services "curriculum to connect the front, middle, and end of the whole service distribution The time axis of the latter three stages connects the three spatial coordinates of farmers, regions and industries, and constructs a comprehensive and three-dimensional "three services" system of lotus farmers' version

technical experts of the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences distribute high-quality seeds to farmers and explain the key points of crop planting technology

during the whole "three services" period, the Bureau of agriculture and rural areas found problems at the grass-roots level through rural research and problem collection in the early stage. Here, all control parameters and measurement results can be displayed on the large screen LCD in real time. Based on the comprehensive consideration of the actual situation, the training "mentor group" was determined, The curriculum of "three services" cannot reach 5400 (± 2700.) stipulated by UL standard at the same time And go to the grass-roots level to solve problems in strict accordance with the curriculum arrangement

through a small training course, the two-way service and benefit sharing of the masses and enterprises have been realized

at the same time, the process of teaching is also a process of in-depth understanding. In the interaction with farmers and enterprises, experts continue to look for agricultural development problems in each block, excavate new highlights of development, and capture new opportunities for development

at present, 52 agricultural production problems have been solved and 17 new problems have been found

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