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Since the 1980s, the rapid development of commodity economy and the increasingly prosperous consumer goods market have promoted the rapid development of packaging and printing industry. With sustained and rapid economic growth, packaging and printing industry was once known as a sunrise industry in China's national economy. However, compared with other industries, the marketing concept and operation means of domestic packaging and printing industry are obviously lagging behind. In particular, the gap between the scale of enterprises is large, and the quality is mixed. The industry is closed and conservative, with civil wars everywhere, insufficient technological innovation ability and low threshold for entering the market; 2、 The market competition of the third tier products is fierce, the product upgrading is slow, and the high-end products are unsustainable. The whole is or has entered the era of low profits. Today, with the economic globalization and the internationalization of market competition, the marketing concept and operation means of the packaging and printing industry urgently need to mature and integrate with the international market

first, based on the marketing culture, enterprises form value alliances and brand communities

marketing is the thinking of customers, and the marketing culture is a sharp weapon for market competition based on the thinking of customers, with the enterprise culture as the foundation, the brand as the carrier, and the market as the goal. For a long time, the downstream customers that packaging and printing enterprises pay attention to are often production enterprises such as food, medicine, washing and cosmetics, which do not directly face the end consumers in marketing, thus weakening the thinking of consumers. Packaging and printing products seem to be special industrial products because of their expensive value, professional technical performance, direct face to consumers and other factors. However, as a commodity packaging with exquisite design, unique creativity, improving product quality and attracting consumers' attention, it plays a marketing role. Therefore, packaging and printing enterprises should pay more attention to the thinking of consumers. The design of commodity packaging patterns and colors should be creative and branded; Pay special attention to the communication and cooperation with upstream and downstream customers to form a value alliance and brand community; Select materials scientifically and economically according to the technical requirements of commodities for packaging; The packaging design is carried out according to the age level and consumption psychology of the commodity target consumer group, and the brand logo and brand color of the commodity are determined. The strategic alliance of upstream and downstream enterprises must take value as the link, culture as the foundation, brand as the carrier, market as the target, consumers as the core, and brand integration and win-win development as the principle to realize enterprise strategic cooperation, so as to put an end to the phenomenon of inferior packaging materials, unprofessional and non creative packaging design, target consumer groups do not agree, and poor commodity sales, It has maintained the normal order of the market economy and the rights and interests of consumers. It should be pointed out that the upstream and downstream enterprises should form value alliances and brand communities, and actively promote the integration of each other's cultures; We must cherish brand resources and be good at using the power of famous brands to develop brands; Corporate brands can be independent and interdependent; The brand logo and color should be unique and can stand the test of time. Packaging and printing enterprises should absorb various cultures, such as food culture, medicine culture, wine culture, tea culture and so on; According to the brand image of goods, packaging design should be carried out for target consumer groups

second, abandon the traditional sales model and implement full-time marketing

after China implemented a market economy, especially after the market was in a state of relative surplus of products, the management philosophy of enterprises gradually changed from the concept of production, product and marketing to the concept of marketing and social marketing. However, due to the existence of the brand of the planned economic system, how to test the rupture strength testing machine? Some enterprises still use the marketing concept and even the product concept, that is, overemphasize the product function, do not pay attention to market research, do not understand customer needs, so that the product supply exceeds the demand, and enterprises have to pay attention to the marketing link, resulting in fierce market competition. For a long time, it has formed a situation of fighting alone by experience, savvy and salesperson. Packaging and printing enterprises are no exception, because they do not pay attention to market demand, do not segment the market, do not rely on technological innovation to adjust the product structure, and rush into vicious competition in the second and third tier product markets. In particular, the sales mode still uses the traditional regional system, and a salesperson is responsible for the product design, performance, quality, price, use and other services of all customers in the region. The result is obviously skimpy and the effect is poor. In today's multi-level and all-round competition in the market economy. The traditional single fighting and regional sales model is far from meeting the needs of customers. What customers need is professional, thoughtful and all-round service. Packaging and printing enterprises should change point contact service to face-to-face contact service and implement full staff marketing

the walls around the enterprise will be torn down, so that all departments can directly serve the market. All employees should establish market awareness and the idea of serving the marketing. All departments should work around the market to realize business process reengineering based on the market. HPM hopes that in the near future, more companies will use tepex material chain as a link in more utilization, so as to improve the market competitiveness of enterprises

third, continue to segment the market and promote marketing management

taking a comprehensive view of domestic packaging and printing enterprises, the scale gap is relatively large, the core technology is not prominent, the technological innovation ability is insufficient, and the product homogenization is serious. There is gunsmoke everywhere in the second and third tier product markets such as instant noodles, washing powder, milk powder packaging, etc., engaging in price competition; In high-end products, such as high-temperature cooking packaging and functional packaging, only enterprises in East China coastal areas are involved. It is a common problem for enterprises in the central and western regions not to segment the market, not to rely on technology to upgrade their products, and to operate without differentiation. It is better to find blind spots than to grab hot spots. Enterprises must conduct market research and market segmentation to find out potential needs and ideas. Fill blind spots. Packaging and printing enterprises should constantly segment the market and find out the blind spots of the market in order to win by surprise. For example, in view of the blind spot of using CPP film instead of PE film for the heat sealing layer of high-temperature cooking packaging, a company developed high-temperature cooking PE film, which reduced the packaging cost of downstream customers such as meat products manufacturers, thus achieving success. In view of the fact that PE film is easy to absorb powdered products such as milk powder during the filling process after bag making, resulting in poor sealing, the anti-static PE film developed solves the problem that has plagued customers for a long time, so as to obtain the recognition of customers. In view of the phenomenon that the liquid packaging bag is easy to be damaged, a certain proportion of EVA and MPE are added when blowing PE film, so as to improve the puncture resistance and heat sealing strength of the packaging bag. According to the requirements of anti ultraviolet medicine, we have developed anti ultraviolet medicine packaging materials and so on. By filling the blind spots in the market and operating with product differentiation, we can get out of the vicious circle of competition. As developed countries begin to restrict flexible plastic packaging in different forms, domestic packaging and printing enterprises should be clear headed, strengthen technological innovation, develop and use degradable, recyclable, economic and environmental friendly packaging materials and packaging technology, and promote the industrialization of green packaging

because the packaging bags are in direct contact with food, medicine, washing cosmetics, etc., the product quality and on-site management of packaging and printing enterprises are particularly important. Especially for the packaging of export commodities, it is urgent to bypass the relevant technical barriers and obtain certification (market green card) such as quality, green environmental protection, aseptic sanitation, etc. Obtaining certification is also the need of marketing safety. For example, when blowing PE film, an enterprise stuck a fly, which was later found in the milk powder packaging, and was pushed to the dock by customers. Marketing management should pay attention to marketing safety and correctly use the double-edged sword of price war. We should continue to develop high-end products and lead the development direction of the industry. We should expand and strengthen mid-range products to obtain rich economic benefits. Carry out price war with low-end products, eliminate the weak and consolidate the leading position in the industry. 4、 From the perspective of marketing, enterprise strategic management includes: market positioning, market segmentation, brand strategy, communication and publicity, corporate culture strategy, etc. Traut, the world's top marketing strategist and master of positioning theory, said that if the enterprise and its brand lack a unique market positioning, it will be like a house without property rights, making the enterprise have no place to stand and have a far-reaching impact on the enterprise. It puts forward that any enterprise or brand must occupy a unique position in the mind of target customers, form values different from competitors, and maintain its own business focus. The current situation of domestic packaging and printing enterprises is: vague market positioning of enterprises and products, weak brand awareness or vague brand image; Corporate culture lacks connotation, affinity, cohesion and appeal; The marketing concept lags behind, and the awareness of focusing on customers is not strong; Do not pay attention to technological innovation, serious product homogenization: the competition among enterprises is low-level price competition, and there is a vicious competition situation in which you sing and I appear

packaging and printing enterprises should give full play to their comparative advantages and make correct market positioning for enterprises according to their core technologies. For example, it is located in packaging design and manufacturing enterprises and multi-functional packaging material research and development enterprises, rather than packaging printing plants and packaging material companies. The enterprise positioning should stand the test of enterprise development

corporate culture is also productivity. Packaging and printing enterprises should, according to their own characteristics, take integrity and win-win as the core, rebuild the enterprise culture, so that it represents the spirit of enterprise people, and always walk in the forefront of the development of the times

we should learn advanced cultural concepts, establish a distinctive, mature and rational corporate image, constantly enrich the culture, make contributions to local economic development, and improve the popularity and reputation of the brand. Modern market economy is an experience economy, and industries without brands cannot win in international market competition. In today's borderless market, the integration within the industry is the general trend. Domestic packaging and printing enterprises should take the road of competition, cooperation and even Union, form a value alliance and brand community, take the road of economies of scale like Haier, and move towards international large enterprises and multinational corporations. When the gap between the left and right of the improper connection parts is greater than 0.5mm, civil war not only damages the interests of the industry, but also obliterates the technological innovation ability of the enterprise. When economic development enters an era of brand management, we should actively respond to brand competition. Because there is only orderly brand competition. In order to improve the overall strength of the industry and make the flexible packaging industry develop continuously, rapidly and healthily

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