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The marketing mode and future strategy of China's electric enterprises

it is an indisputable fact that there has been a vortex in China's economy. The terrible power of the vortex lies in that it spins in and devours everything it touches! Exports were blocked, factories closed, and almost overnight everyone became at a loss. Investment institutions hold their wallets tightly, and professionals discuss the theme of the winter...

is the economic vortex really so terrible? Is there really no way out under the economic vortex

the seemingly cruel economic vortex strongly corrects the distorted economic components. Whether it can accept the detection of transportation or oscillating environmental factors, the big correction will inevitably bring about the great reorganization of the economic interests sector, and the great reorganization will inevitably give birth to great opportunities. Then this economic vortex may be the starting point of another brilliant 30 years of China's economy

the plight of China Electric

with the gradual deterioration of the economic environment, the sales performance of China's electrical enterprises has declined all the way, and the operating environment has been unprecedented challenges. According to industry data, since the U.S. financial crisis, exports of mechanical and electrical products alone have increased negatively for eight consecutive months, with a decline of about 20%. From January to June 2009, imports and exports amounted to $514.91 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 21.3%, of which exports fell by 21.1% year-on-year. The global economic downturn caused by the financial crisis led to a serious setback in the exports of Chinese electric enterprises. In the process of turning to the domestic demand market formed by domestic infrastructure construction, it was blocked by strong multinational enterprise groups. For example, domestic and foreign electrical enterprises such as Siemens, abb, AREVA and Omar Garbo, which are well-known multinational companies with a time of 1-2 seconds, have invested in China

the industry atmosphere created by the general environment makes many electrical enterprises helpless to wait for the natural reincarnation from crisis to prosperity. However, western multinational enterprises are camels and Chinese enterprises are rabbits. The camel walks steadily, and the rabbit's vital feature is speed; Camels can eat or drink for 15 days, and rabbits must find food every day. Focusing on speed and seeking profits are the broad characteristics of Chinese enterprises and the way for rabbits to survive. If Chinese electric enterprises just wait blankly, it is tantamount to waiting for death

so, where is the way out? How can China's "electric enterprises" set their own marketing model and development strategy

strengthening technology and upgrading

the biggest problem of Chinese electric enterprises is that the R & D capital investment of new products, new processes and new technologies is seriously insufficient, the number of technological achievements and independently designed products with independent intellectual property rights is small, and many equipment in the electrical industry is still in a weak position in international competition. This leads to the embarrassing situation that the acceptance range of the export market is narrow and the domestic demand market is excluded. In particular, some enterprises invest limited scientific research funds in real estate and stock market, which further limits the level of products, processes, technologies and equipment

for electrical enterprises, technology is important. For example, from 1992 to 1993, economic weakness led to the crisis of the European Union's electrical industry. As a knowledge intensive industry, the electrical industry needs a large number of engineers and skilled workers. However, a large number of engineers and technicians left the electrical enterprises during the economic downturn in the European Union, which brings great difficulties to the recovery of the electrical industry. This problem has long affected the development of the electrical industry in the European Union. Due to the impact of 1992 and 1993, the annual growth rate of the European Union's electrical industry in has always hovered around 3%

in the current environment of the outbreak of the global economic vortex, China's electrical enterprises should make great efforts to seek technological upgrading, and ensure technological capability is the primary choice. In fact, the outbreak of the economic vortex has created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Chinese electric enterprises. The capital and technology control barriers among enterprises have been broken due to the arrival of the crisis. "Technology merger and acquisition reorganization" and "technology led cooperative reorganization" will occur frequently. If the Chinese electric enterprises grasp it properly, they will systematically improve the comprehensive level of technology, process and equipment. Especially in the policy environment of "strengthening infrastructure construction and stimulating domestic demand", it is of great practical significance for larger electrical enterprises to use local advantages to carry out "key technology" cooperation in combination with specific projects

survival inside and development outside

in China, the state has formulated revitalization plans for many industries, organized some infrastructure construction projects such as an experimental factory and a research and development laboratory in Oklahoma: West to east gas transmission, smart electricity, new energy, equipment manufacturing, large surface ships, and more actively manufactured broad market consumption opportunities such as computers to the countryside and home appliances to the countryside. These national projects and social engineering will play a positive role in promoting the development of "electrical enterprises". From complete sets of equipment to electrical switches, as long as electrical enterprises actively participate, there are no problems in survival and development

in addition, although the economic vortex swept the world, the export market suffered an extremely severe blow. However, with the export of a series of national "energy diplomacy" policies in recent years, overseas cooperation projects and construction assistance projects are in the ascendant, which are the best industry markets for Chinese electrical enterprises. At the same time, in addition to professional products and equipment markets, overseas general product markets are worth developing and mining by Chinese electric enterprises. In particular, China's large-scale electrical enterprise groups, which have a certain level of products, have relative technological advantages in developing countries, and their products are cheaper than those provided by developed countries. It is very easy to successfully create the market atmosphere of general electric products and successfully establish overseas brand effect. In this case, Chinese electric enterprises that are engaged in overseas markets can even work together with excellent Chinese marketing teams to create overseas market miracles

consumption innovation should be strengthened

China is a populous and economic country, and its consumption potential is very high. Some "electrical appliances" products that are not technically difficult but conform to Chinese cultural characteristics can often create market miracles. For example, the "soymilk machine" in the field of household appliances, MP3 in the field of it, and so on. The commercial value created by these products plays a significant role in driving the "electrical enterprises"

in the past, these "products" that meet different consumer needs were often produced by "electrical enterprises" after companies that directly face consumers tapped market demand and proposed product ideas. If "electric enterprises" can change this passive way and actively combine with production and processing enterprises directly facing consumers to carry out market development, it will be of great benefit to get out of the dilemma. In particular, small and medium-sized "electrical enterprises" can even grow into larger enterprise groups through the unique core competitiveness formed by the successful development of a certain product

brand building creates miracles

electrical enterprises, whether producing "professional products" or "general products", will no longer have vitality in the fierce market environment caused by the economic vortex by relying on the traditional survival mode of relationship business. Paying attention to brand building is the only way out. Only with brands can we surpass the competition. Brand building mainly focuses on "brand height" and "brand perspective"

brand height is the position of the brand in the hearts of consumers. The higher the position, the more active, and the brand in the top position is almost in control. The height of the brand determines the fate of the brand. The power generated by the height of the brand is shocking. The extreme height brings a strong collection of resources, effectively shields competitors, puts opponents in a passive dilemma, and makes consumers look up. The extreme height of the brand even has the right to make mistakes

brand building should interpret products from different perspectives, and different perspectives will be recognized by different groups, which is the brand perspective. If you can't change the product, change the perspective of looking at the product! Different angles lead to different products! An appropriate brand perspective can turn ordinary into magic, turn cold into warmth, and turn nothingness into firm faith

China's famous "bull electric" was originally an electrical enterprise producing switches and converters, which is a tiny position for the large field of "electricity". But "bull electric" has successfully shaped the brand image in the hearts of social consumers through operation. On the basis of this brand, no matter what products bull electric launches, as long as they are needed by social consumers, then someone will choose! This is the power of brand

similarly, as long as electrical enterprises successfully shape their own brands, they will be able to impress more target customers and be selected by more customers

bull electric flying against the wind

as a product branch of electrical enterprises, bull Electric's brand building activities mainly face non professional ordinary civil consumers. In this field, Bulls' biggest competitor "breakthrough appliances" put pressure on bulls from top to bottom, while other competitors such as Kelaibo, Hongyi, bullet, colleagues, boxing champion, ingelman and so on followed suit and squeezed the market space of bulls' right end connecting sensor as fixed end electric from bottom to top. Bulls Electric is facing the difficult problem of how to "build absolute competitiveness". After a series of research and diagnosis, the development of bull electric presents four major marketing problems:

problem 1: image and products tend to be homogenized with competitors

problem 2: its own channel model has become a huge bottleneck

problem 3: domestic competitive products bring huge strategic pressure

problem 4: the entry of foreign brands leads to great changes in the competitive landscape of the industry

for these problems, Bull electric improves system competitiveness through five integration strategies

strategy 1: brand upgrading and shaping the leading image of the first brand in the industry

it is not clear what kind of brand bull is. That is, the brand image is not clear; Why the bull brand products are not clear, that is, the product benefits are not clear. After extensive research on consumers, it is found that consumers are most concerned about safety

bull safety socket cutting market divides the market into ordinary socket and safety socket, pushing competitors to one side

what are the benefits of bull's safety socket

protect electrical appliances and protect people a vivid advertising language will completely benefit safety and make the cold socket more humanized

strategy 2: upgrade products, establish industry standards and suppress competitors

consumers are worried about fire, power failure and fever; Fear is the demand and the basis for formulating product standards. Triple protection, constituting the safety standard of bull socket. The first protection: low resistance and heat reduction, low temperature power on for 365 days; The second protection: three-dimensional engagement, no looseness after 5000 times of plugging; The third protection: two-way flame retardant, 650 ℃ high temperature fire prevention; The seven series of high-power, kitchen guard, home appliance guard, children's guard, business guard, engineering guard and universal connect clearly divided the product pattern of bull socket

strategy 3: Communication upgrade, big communication build a solid position for the brand

through the recruitment of 100000 stores and the communication role of CCTV advertising, bull electric bucked the trend and fought high, which not only grabbed the height of the brand, but also the commanding height of the market

strategy 4: upgrade channels and build an efficient and orderly distribution system

brand is king and channel is king. In terms of sales channels, bull electric achieves the level by rapidly expanding its primary distribution network

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