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Xingbang heavy industry entered the Dutch product press conference and achieved a complete success.

Xingbang provided traffic measurement verification for driverless cars. The product press conference of Xingbang heavy industry entered the Netherlands and achieved a complete success.

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Hunan Xingbang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. held a grand product press conference in evolon hall, Eindhoven, Netherlands on November 11. The European product launch attracted the participation of more than 50 European customers, and also attracted extensive attention from all walks of life in the region. On the day of the press conference, held by Dutch dealers and assisted by simbond heavy industry, the local customers were grandly introduced to simbond heavy industry and its product information. It is worth mentioning that the customers who participated in this press conference visited and personally operated and experienced the shear fork series and curved arm series at high altitude. 3. Mark two marking lines on the sample for measuring elongation

Mr. Harold amendt, a Dutch dealer of Xingbang heavy industry, made a speech at the product launch. European customers are experiencing the operation of curved arm series products. Hunan Xingbang Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. At the apex exhibition in 2011, "Xingbang heavy industry" appeared in the vision of the Netherlands for the first time. With the continuous development of the European market, it is urgent to expand the market share of Xingbang heavy industry here. This time, Xingbang heavy industry and Dutch dealers jointly held a product press conference, aiming to take this opportunity to speed up the entry into the European market with continuously improved products and competitive price advantages. At the same time, in related training services, the wood-based panel Universal Experimental Mechanism and accessories warehouse will also be built in the Netherlands in the next year

"Xingbang heavy industry" - this young brand of aerial work platform will strive to cover the European market with high-quality products and services in the next few years

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